3D printing

Our company provides 3D printing services. Send us your virtual objects and we'll make them physical. View "our work" for object ideas and things we've already printed and sold. Can't find anything you like? Visit other 3D printing websites, their are many open source websites with thousands of files and objects we can print, (see bellow for links). Just send us a link to the page or the downloaded file. We accept DAE and STL files.

Check out these other great links for thousands of open source 3D objects

Assembly options

For objects that require assembly we offer a pre-assembly option for no extra charge. If you want this option please request it in your order email. If the option is not requested we will not assemble it for you and you will just receive the parts 


We also provide 3D designing services. Can't find the object you need? Send us the description and dimensions of the object you want and we'll design it for you.

Printing Cost

The cost is based on the amount of time it takes to print the item and is greatly effected by the fill density. This is a very accurate way of charging because quality and size of prints will directly effect the amount of time it takes the printer to manufacture the object. We allow customers to adjust the quality of their prints and change the overall cost of their purchase.

Designing Cost

Designing services are charged by the size and complexity of the object. Small and simple objects (ex: a tea cup) will cost 10$. Large or complex objects will cost 20$ (ex: model rocket). Anything larger or more complex will require a negotiated price. 


We offer a 2 month warranty. Any broken piece will be replaced for free. Or if you prefer we offer money back offer for any unsatisfied customers.