Portable Star Trek 3D Chess with Low Profile Pieces

3d chess set photo


Approximate cost: $60.00 - 80.00

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From: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:214463

and credit due to designer: alan_one


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Designer Description:

This is a 3D chessboard inspired by Star Trek, including a matching set of low profile chess pieces. It can be disassembled and transported easily. See instructions for required materials and assembly notes.

For "standard" rules of play, and the most easy-to-follow explanation of the game I have found, I refer you to Charles Roth's site at http://www.thedance.net/~roth/TECHBLOG/chess.html.

Additionally, there is a slightly different set of "tournament" rules maintained by Jens Meder athttp://home.arcor.de/jens.meder/3dschach/chess3d.htm.

Thanks for pointing out the "tournament" rules goes to Doug Keenan,http://www.thingiverse.com/dougkeenan. Doug also has created an excellent 3D (and 2D) chess program called Parmen, available along with many other related resources athttp://www.parmen.com/.

Note that this design does not allow attack board inversions... so you can just play without inversions.



Maker Review: 

This item was designed for a 3d printer that is much lower quality than our Ultimaker2. Some of the resulting pieces were a slightly smaller in comparison to each other. It was just enough to make the things not hold together tightly. We were able to hot glue the main levels in place but the attack boards need to be able to move around for the gameplay. I ended up designing new pegs that were the right size to hold in the attack boards with fiction. Over all the levels are a little bouncy but other than that its a really fun and interesting game to learn and play.