Combination Safe 00

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Designer Description:

This five character cryptex can be used as a small safe / money box and is ideal for giving small valuable items the kind of security that only comes form a pocket sized safe made of plastic.


• 100,000 possible combinations.

• 5 x combination rings, each of which can be set to a custom number and can be changed at any time, by anyone possessing the combination to unlock the cryptex + Locking Tool.

• Sturdy construction. Unlike many other designs this one features a locking component that holds the cryptex together even when open, thus stopping it from fall apart while in this state.

• Easy print. Designed specifically for the 3D printing this design has very little by way of overhangs and therefore requires no support structures and thus, the parts require no cleaning and can be assembled strait off the build plate. All .STL file have already been rotated to the optimal orientation for the best print results.