Iron Man Arc Reactor Mark V



Approximate cost: $20.00 - 30.00

Designer credit due: Thaurus

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Designer description:

So the main project ist done. all the parts without any problems printable and all parts manifold.

I have made one peace befor i reupload all parts . then needet i post at the next days a complet manuel to creat it with all the parts,

picture you can see the project is done !!!!

Changes !!!!!

Mounting_Help_Inner_Rings.stl "need to glue the rings on 3 pins"

Main_Core_Driangle.stl "make bigger and suports to place on Main_Housing_Uper_Second_Part"

Main_Housing_Lower_Plate.stl "split from housing"

Main_Housing_lower.stl " redesigned for better print"

Main_Inner_Round_Core.stl "redesigned for led support and better view"

Main_Housing_Uper_Second_Part.stl "change the thikness from the iner parts"

Main_Inner_5_Rings.stl "redesigned for better print"

Main_Housing_Uper_First_Part.stl "redsigned for better print"

The Last Update : the Stand is complete printet and glued .... naxt step paint the stand and finish the arc reactor with glas