Full Scale Stormtrooper Helmet (wearable)

stormtrooper helmot


Estimated cost: $50.00 - 150.00

This object was downloaded

from: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:391664

and credit due to designer: Geoffro


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Designer summary:

This is not a 5 minute print, it takes patience, alot of plastic and alot of post finishing - BUT it is high poly, so you will only be sanding away print lines, not trying to smooth out polygons the old fashioned way. I learned from my previous lessons with the Imperial Guard mask and hopefully improved the ease in printing a full scale helmet. I have cut it down to 16 parts for this helmet + accessories, but they are small and shouldn't take long to print. I have narrowed the wall cavity down, so each part is faster to print and requires less plastic. All parts are plated for you already. you might find a better orientation, I just placed them as I intend to print them. I have added eye comforters to line with padding like a real helmet and also seperate glass, but to be honest I intend to recycle some old sunglasses for my lenses.which will go ontop of the eye conforters with some padding around them. I have left this open for remixing, I hope people print it, heck, I hope they print thousands of them.. so if we can improve parts, or you have a suggestion please comment, and we'll make this the best home made stormtrooper helmet available.