CS:GO Knives [Complete collection]

CS:GO Knives [Complete collection]

sc go knives


Approximate cost: (full set) $40.00 - 50.00

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This is all the knives from Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
Non of the foldable knives can be fold, they are static props.


Maker Review:

These are really cool knives that have a really gnarly effect. In the downloaded file all the knives are scaled down by 75%. It mite not matter to some people but for those who want an exact game replica the file can be easily scaled back up in Cura. However some knives are too big to fit on the print bed when full size. For example: the huntsman knife can only be scaled up by 10% (but its still totally worth it). The shadow daggers on the other hand, can be scaled up as much as you need (we do recommend scaling up the shadow daggers because if you don't your figures don't fit in the loops). I had a friend who got me to print just one half of each knife then he mounted them on his wall for decoration.