When it comes to creation
we don't believe in limitations.


Hi, my name is Aiden Rowe, and I am so grateful to be providing this service. In creating this company my goal is to break down all barriers for everyone with an interest in the possibilities of 3D printing.


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This is a company devoted to providing 3d printing services to everyone. When it comes to creation we don't believe in limitation. we can make anything you can think of that fits into an 8x8x9 box. And even if it doesn't fit we can scale it down or print it in multiple pieces. 

The company

Hi I'm Aiden, I'm 15 years old and I am the creator of bits and pieces 3D printing. I started this company as a grade 10 school project. The company's purpose is to provide 3D printing services in and around the community of Cochrane, Alberta. We can also organize shipping for anyone outside the area.


WE DO NOT PRINT GUNS. We do not manufacture weaponry. Parts for Airsoft guns and stuff will be allowed but PARTS ONLY. Cosplay, gimmicks and props are acceptable but NO AR lower receivers or anything like that. 

The 3D printer

I have the best dad in the history of all dad-ville because he bought my family a 3D printer! The printer we have is an Ultimaker 2 its an excellent machine that's very reliable and accurate. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into buying one themselves.



The filament we use is from http://www.formfutura.com/ this is best filament we've experimented with.  For all you looking for the best 3D printer filament we strongly suggest this site. Also we've found that the colour can also have a small effect on strength. We're not completely sure if this is right but the ABS White seamed to be a little stronger than ABS Red and Grey. Our only theory is that the chemicals added to colour the filament somehow effect the overall strength. We also encourage experimenting for yourself, the more you know about your 3d printer and its material the better.